Californians’ health, lives, and livelihoods are threatened every summer when heat waves and extreme wildfires strain energy supplies or cause blackouts. Energy prices go up as the state turns to temporary power sources to keep the lights on, slowing the progress towards California's ultimate goal:

A 100% Clean Energy Economy

California’s families, schools, and businesses don’t have to face affordability, reliability, and clean energy challenges alone. Many states in other parts of the country collaborate to provide the cheapest, cleanest, and most efficient energy sources through regional energy markets. By applying the lessons from these efforts, California has a unique opportunity to create a regional grid of the future.

With some Western states already moving towards regionalization, it’s time for California to lead the charge or risk being isolated from a more secure, sustainable energy future. Neighboring states generate plenty of clean power to help meet California’s needs. A Western Regional Transmission Organization (RTO) will propel the next phase of our clean energy transition.